The MasterMinds Chess Club of Philadelphia is designed to provide a meaningful and viable service to the community. In particular it is our intent to promote chess within the inner-city community and to provide a learning environment where the game can be played, taught, studied, and enjoyed. Ultimately, we see chess as a tool for self-development, development of our community and as a bridge to other communities as well.
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Esperanza Academy Charter School
421 W Bristol St
Philadelphia, PA 19140
Upcoming Tournaments
MasterMinds 2nd Saturday
Esperanza Academy 421 W Bristol St, Phila, PA 19140 Quads: 3RR, G70;d/5. EF: $30 cash; winner $100. Reg. ends 9AM Rd 9:30, 12:30, 3. Scholastic 4SS K-12 Open, K-8 U1100, K-6 U800, K-3 U500 G/40;d5, EF $10 rec'd by Thurs. before, $25 on site. Reg. ends 9AM. Rd 1 10AM then asap.
As of July 2019 the time control for our Quads will be G/70;d5
Reg ends 9 AM
Rounds 9:30, 12:30, 3