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Mission Statement
The MasterMinds Chess Club of Philadelphia is designed to provide a meaningful and viable service to the community. In particular it is our intent to promote chess within the inner-city community and to provide a learning environment where the game can be played, taught, studied, and enjoyed. Ultimately, we see chess as a tool for self-development, development of our community and as a bridge to other communities as well.
We, the members of the MasterMinds Chess Club are dedicated to promote good moral conduct, mutual respect, and stand committed to the development of the total human being through heart felt support and genuine concern. It is also our goal to promote a healthy network of local area clubs as well as with clubs in other cities.
We intend on preparing for and participating in tournament competition and encourage membership in the United States Chess Federation. We encourage the membership of school age chess players to grow academically, maintain their discipline and focus on educational pursuits with the understanding that academic excellence has priority over actual chess endeavors. Furthermore, by playing the royal game of chess and pursuing its many disciplines, we hope to instill in some and nurture in others an appreciation for the game while at the same time benefit from its growth.
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