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Lenfest Center
3890 N 10th St.
Philadelphia, Pa. 19140

QUADS 3RR G85,d5
EF $30 Cash on Site Only
$100 Winner
Reg ends: 9:00 AM, Rd 1 9:30, 1, 4.

EF $10, rec'd by Thursday before, $20 at the door.
Reg. ends 9 AM, Rd 1 10AM then asap.
K-12, K-8U1200, K-6U800, and K-3U500 4SS, G/40,d5 1st-5th
1st, 2nd Team

Note: USCF (United States Chess Federation) membership is required. Membership card, a recent Chess Life magazine with name and I.D. number displayed, or proof of current membership must be presented.
Non-USCF members must join during registration.
1 yr. memberships adults $49, young adult (25 & under) $35, youth (16 & under) $30, scholastic (13 & under) $25
Please bring your own equipment, no chess sets or clocks will be provided.

Send pre-registration check or money order
made payable to:
MasterMinds Chess Club

36 E Hortter St. Phila. PA 19119
Please include Name, USCF Id, Exp Date, rating,
and section you want to compete in.

For More Information Contact:
Bradley Crable -

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